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Bluetooth Mobile Products

Bluetooth Mobile Credentials are one of the fastest growing segments of the security industry. IHS Global expects Mobile Credential use to grow at an astounding Compound Annual Growth Rate over the next 3 to 5 years. One projection indicated 44 million Bluetooth Mobile credentials in use by 2021. Some industry experts project Bluetooth Mobile Credentials to make up over 20% of overall access control credentials within 5 years.

With virtually everyone carrying a smartphone it’s easy to see why Mobile Credentials are becoming the access credential of choice. People forget or lose traditional proximity badges on a regular basis, but nobody lets their phone out of their sight. This improves productivity and reduces lost time and cost associated with temporary or new badge issuance.

3millID Bluetooth Mobile Credential deployment is simple with a basic email sent from the Badging Portal (Cloud) for issuance. 3millID Mobile Credentials are secure using 128 bit AES encryption between credential and reader, enhancing the traditional proximity badge which lacks any real security. Imagine just logging into the 3millID Badging Portal, entering a user name and email, and sending a mobile badge via email (likely in the same Card format you already use, i.e. 26 bit, 37 bit, etc). The credential recipient opens the email, downloads the free 3millID App to their Android or iOS smartphone and they can begin using their phone as their access badge (assuming the Badge ID is valid in the Access Control System). It’s that simple and secure (just watch the video).

3millID Bluetooth Readers are system agnostic. Readers can be easily installed on most existing access control systems providing a retrofit opportunity to millions of existing doors. That’s correct, leave your existing access control infrastructure in place, and enhance it with 3millID Bluetooth Mobile enabled products.  Simply add one, or many, of our readers to your existing Wiegand or OSDP based access systems and you can utilize your smartphone with 3millID Bluetooth Mobile Credentials for access. Add 3millID readers to your existing proximity reader population, or simply replace them to go 100% mobile. Since the readers are compatible with most proximity badges, users can continue with a mixed population of traditional proximity cards and Bluetooth Mobile Credentials. 

Those that want the highest security available from 3millID can utilize a mixed population of 3millID DESFire EV2 contactless smart credentials and 3millID Mobile Credentials, providing AES level encryption between credentials and readers.

The Bluetooth technology platform utilized in 3millID products is proven, with over ten million transactions by global hotels, energy, financial, telecommunications, and real estate properties, and the largest access control systems manufacturer utilizing the same technology platform (LENEL BlueDiamond, LENEL is a division of UTC Fire&Security). Even small and mid size businesses benefit from 3millID Bluetooth Mobile Credential technology including fitness centers, schools, community HOA’s, parking garages, Day Care centers, and general small business. For businesses that do not require a photo ID or physical plastic badging policy, Bluetooth Mobile Credentials are a no brainer for access control.

Start benefiting from higher security and convenience of 3millID Bluetooth Mobile products.

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