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35 bit proximity formats

The most common Proximity access control format is the HID H10301 26 bit format. There are also many common HID Compatible "OEM" proximity formats and the popular 37 bit formats H10302 and H10304.

However, the most popular large corporation proximity format is known as Corporate 1000 and is a 35 bit format.

HID originally created the original Corporate 1000 ("C1000") proximity card format to allow end users to have some control over their card sourcing from resellers AND to reduce the chance for card number duplication by having the numbers tracked by the card provider. The 35 bit Corporate 1000 format, used by those registered for the Corporate 1000 program prior to February 2015, is typically used with HID® or HID compatible 125KHz proximity access control readers. These 35 bit Corporate 1000 compatible proximity credentials manufactured by IDgamut will work on traditional HID proximity readers or other manufacturer readers capable of reading the 35 bit C1000 cards. In addition, IDgamut will track each order of Badge ID's to reduce the chance for card number duplication.

For Corporate 1000 credentials used by those who registered for the Corporate 1000 program after February 2015, it is possible that your cards are a 48 bit format, sometimes referred to as the "Corporate 2000" format.

If you are a Corporate 1000 or Corporate 2000 proximity card user please contact IDgamut directly as we may be able to assist you with high quality, lower cost and faster delivery IDgamut cards compatible with your installation. To ensure compatibility, request a free sample to test on your access system before ordering.